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WOW Power Leveling From Wowgoldbank!!

World of Warcraft – US
1. During level 50-60, you will get 20g per level
2. During level 60-70, you will get 100g per level
3. During level 70-80, you will get 200g per level
4. Your password will be hid, your account will be taken care safely
5. Every epic armor will be left to you after we finish your order


Special Fast Safe Wotlk PowerLeveling 1-80
1. First Aid to 450 Points;

2. Epic Flying Mount + 225 Riding Skill.
3. Cold Weather Flying Mount (LvL77+);
4. Free 10K Gold!
5. One Epic Gear At Least;
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Special Fast Cheap WoW PowerLeveling Lvl 1-60

1. Free 10K GOLD ;
2. Journeyman Riding Skill (150) + Epic Mount;
3. First Aid to 300 Points;
4. A Few Blue Gears;
5. Class Quests and uncovered Flight Paths.
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