World of Warcraft Gold Arena Tournament

We’re pleased to offer a preview of the first global World of Warcraft Gold Arena Tournament, which is scheduled to begin on Friday, February 16. In this one-of-a-kind competition, Burning Crusade players will have the chance to demonstrate their prowess and vie for the title of best World of Warcraft PvP team on the planet. Click the link above to check out the preview, and be sure to visit the Arena System page for a general overview of Arena combat.

World of Warcraft Gold Valentine’s Day Commercial
What do you get the blood elf who has everything? This Valentine’s Day, make it an epic jewel! Yes, the industrial empires of Azeroth aren’t about to let anyone escape the relentless marketing campai– er, bloom of true love associated with this time of year! Take a look at this new commercial, but be warned that you may be struck by a sudden impulse to spend all the gold you’ve saved for your epic mount.

WoW Comic Contest: Honorable Mentions
Here is the next honorable mention from this month’s comic contest submissions. Remember, the contest will go on all year long, so don’t miss your chance to win a Blizzard Edition iPod Nano. Keep those comics coming! Check out today’s honorable mention from Kaye.

WoW Stratics has started up their “Ask the WoW Developers!” Q&A sessions again, and you can submit your own questions to be answered directly by the developers. The top ten will be posted with the answers on their website later this month. They are hoping to continue this as a monthly event and ask for your support, and if you want to participate that you please limit yourself to one question.


Prefer to pick up your swag at a store? Hop on your epic mount and head over to Hot Topic and GameStop, where you can find several of the World of Warcraft shirts from J!NX, including the new Burning Crusade T-shirt.

World of Warcraft TCG: Deckbuilding 101 Cheap wow gold
The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game allows you and your friends to dive into the fantasy of World of Warcraft wherever you go, and it’s also a very engaging and challenging game in its own right. If you’re not familiar with the game but would like to learn more about it, Upper Deck’s detailed introduction to the basics of the game will pique your interest.

If you’ve probably already played a few matches – won some, lost others – then you’ve started putting together the first pieces of the puzzle of what separates a glorious victory from a disgraceful loss. You’re also now ready for our Deckbuilding strategy guide, which is devoted to helping you make the all-important decisions that will shape your deck. How can you get the most out of your cards? How do you find the most powerful card combinations in your collection, and what ways are there to disrupt your opponent’s strategy and to create an advantage for yourself? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Best Mac OS X Entertainment Product – Apple
“World of Warcraft is a best-selling Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) set in Blizzard’s Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of heroes as they adventure, explore, and quest together across a vast world. World of Warcraft ships simultaneously for Mac and Windows on hybrid CD, is highly optimized for Velocity Engine and Mac OS X (using Shark and the OpenGL Profiler tools), takes full advantage of Mac OS X OpenGL, including the use of OpenGL shaders, and uses Core Audio to deliver Surround Sound 5.1 audio.”

Best Game of the Year Award – GameSpot
“The thing about World of Warcraft is it offers so much of what we fundamentally love about games, all in a single experience. Just exploring the world of Azeroth can be fun and exciting. The game is conducive to cooperative gameplay, competitive player vs. player action, or solo play. It lets you have a great time regardless of whether you play for one hour or 10 hours at once…”

Best Massively Multiplayer Online Game – GameSpot
“From the moment you first set foot in the diverse lands of Azeroth, World of Warcraft captivates with its vast, seamless, and visually cohesive world. Players are placed in charge of their own destinies virtually immediately–there’s no tutorial introduction to the game, whose elegantly desed interface is easy to decipher and simple to use. And, while other games in the genre punish players for testing their limits and running risks, World of Warcraft encourages this kind of activity by not forcing players to lose experience when they fail. That sort of can-do des ethic pervades all aspects of the game, allowing characters to make sificant progress by playing solo or in groups, giving characters an experience bonus for time they haven’t spent online with the game, and so on. It’s that welcoming approach that makes this game truly special.”