The best mattress brands in 2019

Due to the vast choice of the materials, quality, designs, and brands, it can get confusing to make a decision on purchasing a mattress form, one manufacturer. Purchasing a mattress online might not be the best idea as visiting a mattress store will provide you with the real feels of different mattresses before you even purchase them. But if you want to avoid the hassle of travelling on your own and having to deal with the salesperson, then this list is for you. Here are the best and most trusted brands you can look out for when purchasing your new mattress.


Casper has become one of the best online providers of different versions of mattresses while they began with one unique design which got popular. Casper has become an online giant to provide sleeping comfort to people when they move from offline services to online websites. Casper offers a fancier version and a budget version. The company will charge additional fees for installing your mattress. Casper also has offline stores where you can have the feel and comfort experienced personally.

Cocoon by Sealy

Sealy is also a brand which has its foot in the industry from a very long time. Cocoon provides a classic version and a newer version known as “Chill Mattress.” It was launched in 2016 with a phase change material which provides comfort and cools to you when you sleep. All of its models come with soft or firm materials with an affordable price range compared to other brands. Sealy also provides standard 100-day trial and a 10-year limited warranty. My Sleepy Ferret has some of the best review for mattress which is affordable while keeping quality in mind.


Ikea is world known for its direct-to-consumer service is mattress market. Ikea’s mattresses are low cost and high-quality products with over 15 different options available to choose from. Ikea does not provide installation and haul-away, but they have a 365 days trial period, so if you had a bad experience, you could exchange it for a better one. It also offers a 25-year limited warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. There are delivery charges based on where you live, but you can visit any Ikea offline store and use your car space to take the mattress.


Leesa mattresses are known for the simplicity and the adjustability to fit most of the body sizes and types. It offers a classic and a luxury version both at reasonable prices. The quality of the mattresses have a little firmness and a good balance and evenly distributed support. Some users find the mattresses heavy to move, in which case the lightweight Leesa mattresses is a good option to move from room to room in your house. Leesa also stands apart in its contribution to society. With every ten mattresses sold, the company donates one to the charity and for every mattress sold it plants a tree.


Nectar is a newbie to the market with over 100,000 mattresses sold every year in the past three years. The company provides just one unique model which comes at an average market price for its quality and comfort. The Nectar mattress has three layers of memory foam, a cooling comfort layer of foam and a base layer of dense foam to provide support and comfort. The company offers a 365 days return policy after a minimum 30 days trial period for your body to get used to its comfort. The most amazing part of Nectar is its lifetime warranty for any damages deeper than 1.5 inches. Nectar is the best choice if you want to buy a cheaper mattress with a lifetime guarantee.