Facts About Warcraft


Everyone loves the game Warcraft, and there is no one out there who haven’t played it. Here are some of the facts about Warcraft that you did not know:

  1. Not Everything is in it is CGI-

Some of the directors wanted to overdo the effects of their fantasy films. However, Duncan realized that the CGI is not everything just like the ones in Stars Wars Prequels. He has done everything that he can to make use of practical effects as possible, which included realized forest setting inside a soundstage, and even large sets to bring the city streets of Stormwind to life.

  1. It took about a decade in the Making of Warcraft-

Some of the films take a lot of time to develop. Although the script might be ready and it takes a tremendous effort and a lot of money to get the film rolling. Back when Warcraft was launched in the year 2006, the folks at the Blizzard knew they did a good job and needed to make a movie. They did not have a script or anyone who is attached to it until a few years later. They even announced Sam Raimi being involved with the production. After all the speculation, the movie finally started taking place in the year 2014. Despite all the setbacks, the movie was always Blizzard’s dream as the game became the phenomenon it is today.


  1. Orc Smash? They have a lot of Similarities with The Hulk than any other character-

Jeff white is Duncan’s right-hand man when it comes to the visual effects. Of course, white is no stranger to green people, giant as he previously helped design the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers. He said, he nailed the character, and the orcs feel that they have some of the genetic backgrounds as the Hulk.  Find Warcraft style guns on the Gun Source Shop.

  1. Even Robert Kazinsky, Loves Warcraft-

Robert Kazinsky is the actor who plays Ogrim Doomhammer and is one of leading Orc in the film. He told the fans at Comic-con that he once broke up with a girl because he was spending a lot of time in playing Warcraft. He even said it would be really sad and pathetic if he did not do the movie. He even starred in many movies like Pacific Rim, East Enders, and True Blood.


  1. The Post Production Process Took about 20 Months-

The post-production process of Wow took 20 months. It is eight months longer than the fellowship of the Ring, the reason behind this was that it took sheer amount of effort the creators put in to bring Azeroth to life. The goal of the movie was to create a realistic looking as possible while maintaining a visual style that reminds the viewers of Warcraft.