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Best Motherboards of 2019

The motherboards are arguably one of the most essential parts of the entire PC. They are basically considered as the backbone of the best PCs. If you have the best motherboard then it would make the hardware of the PC reach its full potential as they helps in optimizing and utilizing it. Therefore, it is very essential to have the best and most reliable motherboard. Below are few of the best motherboards of 2019:

Asus A68HM-K-DDR3 FM2+Socket AMD Motherboard

If you are looking for durability as well as athen buying this motherboard from Asus would be a great option for you. It is available with more than one thousand devices worth of compatibility that includes almost all the premier brands and devices. If you are running this motherboard on different types of devices then you won’t have to worry about getting great results because it is flexible with multiple types of devices. Moreover, it also has more than seven thousand hours of validation and this means the device would last for a much longer period. If you love great and impressive sound system then this device would be an amazing choice for you. More than anything Asus is known for getting optimum performance from systems that have high configuration. It is also considered to be the Best Motherboard for i7 8700k.


 MSI H110M Pro- VH Plus Socket LGA 1151 Motherboard

Whether you are just a hardcore gamer or just interested in office work or leisure work, this MSI motherboard is an excellent option for you. This great device would fit into all your requirements and would probably give you the best results as it ensures that the programs are running exactly in the way it should be running. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the processors as several processors are compatible with this device.


Gigabyte Z370P D3

This gigabyte motherboard is very much affordable for many people. Though its design is not too attractive, however, its multiple features and affordability makes it a great choice for a large number of people. It is available with a single strip of RGB which runs along the board’s edge behind the PCI slots. This motherboard is compatible with several CPUs and it has got four RAM slots which supports up to 64GB DDR4 memory.


Therefore, if you are looking for a durable motherboard having all the essential features then this Gigabyte motherboard would be the best choice for you. However, if you want to use several Nvidia graphics cards then you would have to buy a more expensive model as this model is not available with this feature.

Gigabyte B360M DS3H

Gigabyte B360M DS3H

This motherboard is a budget friendly one and has a sleek looking silver and black board design. It is compatible with several kinds of latest CPUs, however, its chipset doesn’t support over clocking. Along with a PCIe x1 slot and PCIe x4 slot, this board only has one PCIe x16 slot and it is only capable of supporting a single GPU and doesn’t have dual GPU setups. Having 4 RAM slots, this device supports up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. Therefore, this motherboard is an excellent choice for people who want a budget friendly device along with durability and some essential features. Its drawback is that it doesn’t support dual GPUs and its chipset doesn’t support CPU overclocking . However, if you are considering having a budget PC then these things doesn’t matter.

Facts About Warcraft


Everyone loves the game Warcraft, and there is no one out there who haven’t played it. Here are some of the facts about Warcraft that you did not know:

  1. Not Everything is in it is CGI-

Some of the directors wanted to overdo the effects of their fantasy films. However, Duncan realized that the CGI is not everything just like the ones in Stars Wars Prequels. He has done everything that he can to make use of practical effects as possible, which included realized forest setting inside a soundstage, and even large sets to bring the city streets of Stormwind to life.

  1. It took about a decade in the Making of Warcraft-

Some of the films take a lot of time to develop. Although the script might be ready and it takes a tremendous effort and a lot of money to get the film rolling. Back when Warcraft was launched in the year 2006, the folks at the Blizzard knew they did a good job and needed to make a movie. They did not have a script or anyone who is attached to it until a few years later. They even announced Sam Raimi being involved with the production. After all the speculation, the movie finally started taking place in the year 2014. Despite all the setbacks, the movie was always Blizzard’s dream as the game became the phenomenon it is today.


  1. Orc Smash? They have a lot of Similarities with The Hulk than any other character-

Jeff white is Duncan’s right-hand man when it comes to the visual effects. Of course, white is no stranger to green people, giant as he previously helped design the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers. He said, he nailed the character, and the orcs feel that they have some of the genetic backgrounds as the Hulk.

  1. Even Robert Kazinsky, Loves Warcraft-

Robert Kazinsky is the actor who plays Ogrim Doomhammer and is one of leading Orc in the film. He told the fans at Comic-con that he once broke up with a girl because he was spending a lot of time in playing Warcraft. He even said it would be really sad and pathetic if he did not do the movie. He even starred in many movies like Pacific Rim, East Enders, and True Blood.


  1. The Post Production Process Took about 20 Months-

The post-production process of Wow took 20 months. It is eight months longer than the fellowship of the Ring, the reason behind this was that it took sheer amount of effort the creators put in to bring Azeroth to life. The goal of the movie was to create a realistic looking as possible while maintaining a visual style that reminds the viewers of Warcraft.

Top Gaming Devices

  1. Best device for Graphics: Xbox One X-

The Xbox one X is far better than its former Xbox One model, and it also has the most powerful tech you will find in a gaming system. The device has the highest sense of realism from a modern gaming console with the most powerful displays; the device takes the cake. It contains about six trillion floating point operations per second and also has 323GB/s and 12 GB GDDR5 RAM which gives you the most graphical horsepower in 4K HD graphics at 60 frames per second.

  1. Best Valued device: Xbox 360 E Console-

At under $200, there is no better current gaming console you can have other than the Xbox 360. Even though it has spanned multiple versions, the console comes with all the essentials such as a wireless controller, one month of Xbox LIVE Gold and built-in Wi-Fi. Though the Xbox 360 holds only 4GB, the Xbox 360 E console is expandable with a hard drive up to 500 GB

built-in Wi-Fi.

  1. Most Popular device : PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console-

With about 64 million consoles sold worldwide, it is hard to doubt the device as it has 62 percent of the market capture and even has a user base of Sony’s PlayStation 4. With close to 64 million consoles sold worldwide, it’s hard to doubt the 62 percent market capture and user base of Sony’s PlayStation 4. The latest model of the company, the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console that brings in an updated version of the system with more power. The device antes up the frame rates for the PS4 games to about 60 fps and even brings in 4K high definition Gaming and video streaming.

  1. Best device for Mobility: Nintendo Switch-


Upon its arrival, the Switch has marketed itself as a mobile gaming system that can be played not only at home on your television but also be carried around and played around. The innovative console the playing easy and comes with a disassembling controller with spilled screen options, so that you can play with others. The device has 50 third-party publishers in its partnership for developing it for future games.

  1. Best device for Families: Nintendo Wii U-

The company has been known as the flagship console that is the most kid-friendly, and the device is no exception. Most of its gaming contains an E rating which means for Everyone, and the games are often some of the most critically praised for gameplay, pure fun and art direction. The device uses a gamepad controller with a screen built in it, so if your parents want to use the living room TV, the kids can still play through its dedicated gaming screen without any interference.